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“What happens when a Chinese billionaire opens a factory in Dayton, Ohio? This documentary’s answer might surprise you – 4 out of 4 star.”

– WASHINGTON POST | August 21, 2019

“The documentary focuses on American and Chinese workers at the plant, laying out the challenges and frustrations they face as their initial optimism is challenged.”

– NYT Critic’s Pick | August 21, 2019

“Tribeca Film Review: Dayton-based directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert delve into how cultures clash when a Chinese company attempts to overhaul a shuttered GM plant.”

– VARIETY | April 26, 2019



“What begins as a peek behind one woman’s gilded curtain pivots into an embedded reporter’s coverage of a power grab with unsettling resonances to the ascent of Trumpism.”

– THE GUARDIAN | Nov 4, 2019


“If you told us that a documentary about roller rinks would induce a full-on ugly cry, we’d tell you to roll out of here, but this one did. United Skates is a cultural anthropology at its Hoop Dreams finest.”

– TIME OUT NY | April 10, 2018

“Like such trendsetting classics as Paris Is Burning and Rize, this kaleidoscopically vibrant, essential-viewing, plunges audiences into a dazzling underground scene…”

– VARIETY | April 25, 2018


“Macedonia’s Last Beekeeper Is the Heart of Harrowing Doc About Environmental Balance”

– INDIEWIRE | March 28, 2019

“Film Review: Macedonian docmakers Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska make a visually poetic debut with this stark, wistful portrait of a lone rural beekeeper.”

– VARIETY | February 1, 2019